Why is America considered a superpower

Have you ever wondered why America is considered a superpower? No? Then you have come to the right place.

America has the strongest economy in the world. Their defence budget is more than 600 billion which is 37% of the money spent on defence in the world. They are the richest country in the world and thats why they can afford better and stronger defences, missiles, etc. The rest of the countries are not poor but they are far behind America. America wasn’t always like this. As a matter of a fact, in the early days it used to be at the bottom of the charts, when in 1920 it took a massive strike and became the richest country in the world. They could do it all because they created lots of factories, hire loads of people and invested in construction. Many countries import things made in America. This is how it all happened.

Post world war II, a lot of countries were very weak and poor. They did not have the money to support their military. America got into agreement with those countries and vowed to protect them. In order to protect so many countries, they needed lots of weapons. To craft the weapons America created lots of arms factories. They hired people in those factories and got richer. America become so powerful due to its pile of weapons that the entire world started considering it a superpower.

But America wanted to be better, it wanted to be better than the best. The money from arms was used to advertise other products throughout the world. People started buying their products as they thought that their products would be as amazing as their reputation as a super power. Soon the products became very popular across the world and everyone wanted to own them. This led to massive exports of their products giving them more money.

Soon people heard so much about America they would want to visit it. Thats when America started making entertainment centers and the shops and started selling souvenirs for the tourists at the tourist destinations. They made loads of places where the tourist could have a great time, for example waterparks and also Disney Land. Soon America had the richest economy in the world!

Thats how America became the richest and most powerful country in the world!


Twice Upon A Time!


Late in night at around 4:00 AM I heard a terrible shatter of utensils. I got off bed and tip toed to the toilet to smash water in my eyes so I could look into this matter. I continued to talk to myself when the noise struck again. I sneaked up to the kitchen from where I had heard the sound. I peeked into the kitchen  and I saw the lights open though I always close them at night before going to bed. The last thing I want was a bugler as I was home alone. A wave of sound struck my ears. I walk in slowly, I was already starting to regret this idea. I marched past my helper’s room when something caught my eye. It was an enormous person eating leftovers. He looked like a giant wearing a jacket made from the fur of a bear. He slowly got up and poked my head with his chicken leg, I was so terrified that I didn’t care it was my chicken leg that the burger was eating, I just wanted to be alive. I ran and hid in my mom’s room’s cupboard and tried to think of a plan. It was getting hot in there and I wasn’t sure that I should call the police. What if like in Home Alone 3 (a hollywood movie) before the police comes, the thief quickly gets what he needs and escapes.

I thought for while then I came up with an idea to trap the thief and then call the police. So I dashed in my room, locked myself in and put a camera on top of my racing car, I tied a long strap of ribbon on the back of the car. I opened the door and powered the car’s engine. It ran across the thief’s legs. The thief ran to get the camera so that it won’t get him busted but I have to admit he was a pretty stupid guy after all. As he was chasing it, it went on the wall and the thief tried to climb the wall and the parts of cement fell down at him. Then the car did it’s job perfectly by tangling him.

The Police Arrived just in time and it turns out they were strolling just near my block when they heard a crashing noise to but it took them time to get in the uniform as it was super tight. I got a medal for bravery and cleverness. The best part is I did it without my parents and that reminds me they were the happiest of them all when they heard it on the news. Thats right the next day I came on the news, who knows whats gonna happen tomorrow night when you are in bed!

The End!


The Adventures of Pool Stupid!(The mystery of the missing necklace)

Before I start my life’s story would you care to listen to the title song-

I, Pool Stupid is an average kid who no one understands, mom and dad and Jenny always giving me commands. I am always in my room feeling lonely, suddenly an amazing friend appears and this is my story!

One fine evening me and my friend Cool walking back from our after school activity. I love playing soccer. In my opinion it is the best sport to play. I love it more than anything even more than when I get to know my sister, Jenny has failed the grade again. She is still in 6th from 4 years, she is already 15 years old. She is suppose to be in 10th grade. But she gets no more than 11% on her test paper every year!

Cool started to talk about his amazing Piano. Well if he loves it so much why doesn’t he marry it? Anyways I like the electric guitar especially when I rock music or when I do my ultimate skill called the Radidash. It is basically when you play a track at higher speed sometimes it can go up to 7x its speed. My record is 11x the speed of a song called Black Betty and 10x a song I’h like to call Breakdown. Suddenly we saw two criminal trying to steal a platinum necklace from a innocent old lady. The criminals were bashing the woman’s head into a red Susuki Maruti 700. When the police’s light beeped in the, the two criminals got into the car and pushed the accelerator and no body got to know what had happened. We ran to help the old lady, she was really frightened. We explained everything to the police and they said they will try to find these criminal at any means necessary!

The following day I was having a troll of the park when I saw a car with the same number plate Cool noted down yesterday of the criminal’s car but this was impossible, how can a car change its colour and brand but leave the number plate untouched. I dialled Cool and told him to come here as soon as possible!

We waited behind a bush to see if any one claims the car theirs. But no one came, who would claim a magical colour and brand changing car. It had totally changed its interiors and exteriors. “It is already been 2 hours and there is no trace of anyone” exclaimed Cool “ if any one claimed this car he/she would have be coming here any moment, I am getting impatient.” Some guy with red T-shirt and dark melt brown shorts was heading near the car. “I think its his car” I said. He was talking on the phone the phone to someone. “Why does he keep on saying boss to the guy on the other side of the phone?” said Cool “It must be ‘cause the guy on the other side of the phone is his boss!” I replied, “I think the two criminals have a huge gang, maybe they already know about us and are trying to eliminate us as we were the police’s victims.” The got into the car. We couldn’t lose a second, we needed to rush. We hopped on our bikes and chased behind the car.

It lead us to a gas station. It looked weird. It looked as if they has put a sticker by the name A.V Gas Station on top on a label that said “DANGER” as we could see a bit of a skull at the edge of the sticker. We lost track of the guy as we were to busy checking out the gas station for our investigation. Everything looked normal, it didn’t look like some evil gang is making its plans for its next victim. We saw a huge box covering a door behind the shop, near the leaking pipe. We both managed to push the box aside. We took a little peek. The place looked as if it were a godown. We slowly crept in and hid behind the first box we could find. Cool sneaked to the old lady’s necklace the two criminals stole yesterday. As we heard their conversation we understood these weren’t just  criminals they were a big gang of gangsters and terrorists! Cool grabbed the bag and we took a run for it.

We couldn’t get far before our my bike’s tire got punctured and I couldn’t go any further. We decided to just run and escape the gang. But unfortunately we came to a dead end and the gang was onto us. One of them who looked as if he were the boss took out a rifle and shoot it in the air. Suddenly a coconut dropped on the tip of his head and he fainted. The rest took out their guns and aimed on us. I saw a mirror hidden under a piece of cloth. I hold up the mirror as a shield. They shot, BOOM. The mirror reflected the bullets to the coconut tree and a range a coconut ran down. It looked like it was raining coconuts. I used the mirror to block our heads. Eventually the police came and arrested the gang for good. The chief said “they were one of the most wanted gangsters and I am going to give you a reward in return!” Me and Cool got a bravery award, a certificate and loads of cash. Our parent were so proud of us, we never had to fear about money and last but not least we lived a luxurious live ever after!



The Jungle Crook

I stared at the amazing dense, green Jungle. My parents always said that the forest is very dangerous even though my dad was a hunter (you know the ones that take a spear and go to the jungle to kill animals). I always wanted to go tag along with my father to his hunting adventures. I don’t understand why do all the grown ups make everything so safe for their children, I tried convincing them to let me go but they won’t let me get out of their sight.

One fine day my dad finally  decided to take me to take a stroll in the forest. “hey pops, see you said danger awaits for us, I don’t see any-:” suddenly a ferocious tiger jumped and slew my dad for good, I ran and ran until I saw the tiger way behind me. I hid behind a tree and waited to see if the tiger would come back looking for me.

The next day when I woke up I saw myself in a bear cave. Suddenly a bear face appeared in front of me.

Eventually we became best buds. But one day I saw a  person with a firelight running up the hill running to save his live from the tuna cobra. Bhalu, the bear jumped and snapped the creature away. I tried asking the man but he was too afraid of Bhalu. Finally I got him to talk. He said-“Th-the tig-tiger is co-com-coming!” Bhalu used his shell to call the other animals, before we could blow it, the tiger snapped it of Bhalu’s hand and scratched Bhalu on the face. Bhalu fell unconscious and I was the only one in the enitire area so neither could I get some help. I ran for my live in thickest part of the jungle. Papa had warned me about this, there were all sorts of ferocious and crazy animals living there. I couldn’t survive a second there.

Suddenly I thought something pulled my leg and whooooo-I can’t anymore because I am too busy  dying, (ADIOS-WHOOPS I RAN OUT OF CHAUK)




 I had not worn his uniform for many years and now when he finally did all the memories came flooding back to him!

30 years ago he was in the army of the Indian army,The Brits had declared a sudden war on them.They fought continuously for 7 hours until it looked liked they finally have a chance.

But suddenly a arrow came from nowhere and hit my friend,as I saw him bleed I rushed there to help him.He was severely injured! He try to open his mouth but no words would come out.Finally he could manage to get his breath, he gave a big sigh of pain and said “I’ll be dying any moment now,there king is out in open,he is unprotected.Go from the side carefully and ambush him!” I was scared of killing their king “what if something goes terribly wrong,I can even dye!”I didn’t know what to do,but when decided that I should risk my life for my nation but it was too late, their general jumps with his sword right at me as if he was going to chop my head right of, far away of my body! Then suddenly our king, Akbar jumped to help. He pushed me of the hook but got into trouble! I tried to help him but before I could save him their general slashed the sword on our king!

The Beginning

After 27 years we finally got freedom from the brits! But the people in town took it tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo seriously and started to hit stones at me  break my house and this is my second house.I live in a small brick hut that I made using my own hands,they throw paintballs at my house and they throw stone at me and my house!

Years pasted but no one changed their ways,when one day the outside my hut a group of strange men came,they put up there flag up(they had came from North Korea) and announced to everyone,they want to declare a war between us and North Korea! But there was a huge problem,we still don’t have an army ready yet or a king.So I knew this was my chance to win my respect back or earn even more,I could be our new king.I knew what I had to do I wasted no time and I rushed to find myself an army.I put out posters every where but for my surprise no one came,Until it hits my head,”why would anyone want to join my army!” when suddenly I hear a little knock on the door,”why would   any body want to meet me, the loser who got our king killed” as I opened the door in came my fellow army partners from earlier when he was in the army,then what else could he ask more,they jumped into action. They trained and trained for a hole month until they spotted the North Koreans marching towards our warbase.We sent half of our army down followed by the archers.As we took our spots,I had to give an opening speech and then we brawled.

The fight looked like it will go on for ages until one of our greatest archer shot an arrow directly swiping their kings arm away! I knew this was the right time. I dashed towards the king as fast as I can slaying anything that came in between,I jumped as high as possible and hoped of their king’s head exactly like the Brits slayed our king’s! I pulled his lung out from his body!

I became the hero in people’s eyes,people started to respect me again and made me their new king,”I could have never imagined that a gladiator can be a king someday!” now I live in the Jade Palace, it is as beautiful as nature,”if you are a unicorn I give you an free invite to come to the Jade Palace and see me”

Hey I am Adi Agarwal,nice to meet you!

Current Affairs

War in Syria

There is a nation in Middle East called Syria where a big war is going on since 2011. Syria is a war zone, the fight started because people of the country didn’t like the President, Assad. Now, there are 3 sides fighting against each other – Assad’s army, rebels, ISIS. The entire world is worried about it due to a large number of people getting killed or running away as refugees.It is a international matter.

The Government of Assad is very nasty and are bombing their own people. The cities have ruined due to bombings. Not even a single building has survived the bombs. Due to bombings people across globe are worried. There are a lot of refugees shifting to different countries but, the government in those countries are kicking out refugees and they have forbidden them to enter their country.

The bombing had injured a lot of people aka there weren’t lot of hospitals. To help the injured, the aid agencies distribute medicines and food. The army and the rebels are both importing arms from other countries.They have nothing to export to other countries.They have no choice but to trade material to survive.

When will this war end!


A friend in need is a friend indeed

Once there lived two friends in the city of Ramnagar in India, Mihir and Akash. Mihir was very rich while Akash was extremely poor, even then they were very good friends and liked to spend all the time together. Mihir lived in a huge mansion and Akash lived in a small hut in a slum area. Other friends of Mihir used to make fun of Mihir for having a friend like Akash. Akash did not have toys like other boys and most of the time he was helping his father in his work. Even Mihir’s parents thought that Akash would have a bad influence on Mihir.

Ramnagar is very close to the Jim Corbett tiger reserve. Being so close to the forest, there is always a chance of wild animals straying in the town. One day, Mihir, Askash and their friends were playing in a field in a remote corner of Ramnagar. They were having good fun together. Suddenly, a huge tiger jumped out of the bushes and attacked Mihir. All the friends ran away but Akash stood right there. Akash wanted to help his friend so he started thinking of an idea to save him. However, he could not think of a good idea so he started running in the opposite direction to distract the tiger. The tiger started running behind him leaving Mihir behind. After some time when Akash got tired, he quickly climbed up a tree. Tiger did not know how to climb the tree so it sat down near the tree and started waiting for Akash to come down. In the meantime, Mihir ran to the nearby village to get help for Akash. Many people came along with Mihir carrying fire torches to scare away the tiger. Hearing  a lot of noise and seeing the people carry torches, the tiger ran away and life of both Mihir and Akash was saved.

Friends and parents of Mihir felt very bad on how they had treated Akash in the past. They realized the fact that a friend in need is a friend indeed!