A friend in need is a friend indeed

Once there lived two friends in the city of Ramnagar in India, Mihir and Akash. Mihir was very rich while Akash was extremely poor, even then they were very good friends and liked to spend all the time together. Mihir lived in a huge mansion and Akash lived in a small hut in a slum area. Other friends of Mihir used to make fun of Mihir for having a friend like Akash. Akash did not have toys like other boys and most of the time he was helping his father in his work. Even Mihir’s parents thought that Akash would have a bad influence on Mihir.

Ramnagar is very close to the Jim Corbett tiger reserve. Being so close to the forest, there is always a chance of wild animals straying in the town. One day, Mihir, Askash and their friends were playing in a field in a remote corner of Ramnagar. They were having good fun together. Suddenly, a huge tiger jumped out of the bushes and attacked Mihir. All the friends ran away but Akash stood right there. Akash wanted to help his friend so he started thinking of an idea to save him. However, he could not think of a good idea so he started running in the opposite direction to distract the tiger. The tiger started running behind him leaving Mihir behind. After some time when Akash got tired, he quickly climbed up a tree. Tiger did not know how to climb the tree so it sat down near the tree and started waiting for Akash to come down. In the meantime, Mihir ran to the nearby village to get help for Akash. Many people came along with Mihir carrying fire torches to scare away the tiger. Hearing  a lot of noise and seeing the people carry torches, the tiger ran away and life of both Mihir and Akash was saved.

Friends and parents of Mihir felt very bad on how they had treated Akash in the past. They realized the fact that a friend in need is a friend indeed!


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