The Adventures of Pool Stupid!(The mystery of the missing necklace)

Before I start my life’s story would you care to listen to the title song-

I, Pool Stupid is an average kid who no one understands, mom and dad and Jenny always giving me commands. I am always in my room feeling lonely, suddenly an amazing friend appears and this is my story!

One fine evening me and my friend Cool walking back from our after school activity. I love playing soccer. In my opinion it is the best sport to play. I love it more than anything even more than when I get to know my sister, Jenny has failed the grade again. She is still in 6th from 4 years, she is already 15 years old. She is suppose to be in 10th grade. But she gets no more than 11% on her test paper every year!

Cool started to talk about his amazing Piano. Well if he loves it so much why doesn’t he marry it? Anyways I like the electric guitar especially when I rock music or when I do my ultimate skill called the Radidash. It is basically when you play a track at higher speed sometimes it can go up to 7x its speed. My record is 11x the speed of a song called Black Betty and 10x a song I’h like to call Breakdown. Suddenly we saw two criminal trying to steal a platinum necklace from a innocent old lady. The criminals were bashing the woman’s head into a red Susuki Maruti 700. When the police’s light beeped in the, the two criminals got into the car and pushed the accelerator and no body got to know what had happened. We ran to help the old lady, she was really frightened. We explained everything to the police and they said they will try to find these criminal at any means necessary!

The following day I was having a troll of the park when I saw a car with the same number plate Cool noted down yesterday of the criminal’s car but this was impossible, how can a car change its colour and brand but leave the number plate untouched. I dialled Cool and told him to come here as soon as possible!

We waited behind a bush to see if any one claims the car theirs. But no one came, who would claim a magical colour and brand changing car. It had totally changed its interiors and exteriors. “It is already been 2 hours and there is no trace of anyone” exclaimed Cool “ if any one claimed this car he/she would have be coming here any moment, I am getting impatient.” Some guy with red T-shirt and dark melt brown shorts was heading near the car. “I think its his car” I said. He was talking on the phone the phone to someone. “Why does he keep on saying boss to the guy on the other side of the phone?” said Cool “It must be ‘cause the guy on the other side of the phone is his boss!” I replied, “I think the two criminals have a huge gang, maybe they already know about us and are trying to eliminate us as we were the police’s victims.” The got into the car. We couldn’t lose a second, we needed to rush. We hopped on our bikes and chased behind the car.

It lead us to a gas station. It looked weird. It looked as if they has put a sticker by the name A.V Gas Station on top on a label that said “DANGER” as we could see a bit of a skull at the edge of the sticker. We lost track of the guy as we were to busy checking out the gas station for our investigation. Everything looked normal, it didn’t look like some evil gang is making its plans for its next victim. We saw a huge box covering a door behind the shop, near the leaking pipe. We both managed to push the box aside. We took a little peek. The place looked as if it were a godown. We slowly crept in and hid behind the first box we could find. Cool sneaked to the old lady’s necklace the two criminals stole yesterday. As we heard their conversation we understood these weren’t just  criminals they were a big gang of gangsters and terrorists! Cool grabbed the bag and we took a run for it.

We couldn’t get far before our my bike’s tire got punctured and I couldn’t go any further. We decided to just run and escape the gang. But unfortunately we came to a dead end and the gang was onto us. One of them who looked as if he were the boss took out a rifle and shoot it in the air. Suddenly a coconut dropped on the tip of his head and he fainted. The rest took out their guns and aimed on us. I saw a mirror hidden under a piece of cloth. I hold up the mirror as a shield. They shot, BOOM. The mirror reflected the bullets to the coconut tree and a range a coconut ran down. It looked like it was raining coconuts. I used the mirror to block our heads. Eventually the police came and arrested the gang for good. The chief said “they were one of the most wanted gangsters and I am going to give you a reward in return!” Me and Cool got a bravery award, a certificate and loads of cash. Our parent were so proud of us, we never had to fear about money and last but not least we lived a luxurious live ever after!



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