I had not worn his uniform for many years and now when he finally did all the memories came flooding back to him!

30 years ago he was in the army of the Indian army,The Brits had declared a sudden war on them.They fought continuously for 7 hours until it looked liked they finally have a chance.

But suddenly a arrow came from nowhere and hit my friend,as I saw him bleed I rushed there to help him.He was severely injured! He try to open his mouth but no words would come out.Finally he could manage to get his breath, he gave a big sigh of pain and said “I’ll be dying any moment now,there king is out in open,he is unprotected.Go from the side carefully and ambush him!” I was scared of killing their king “what if something goes terribly wrong,I can even dye!”I didn’t know what to do,but when decided that I should risk my life for my nation but it was too late, their general jumps with his sword right at me as if he was going to chop my head right of, far away of my body! Then suddenly our king, Akbar jumped to help. He pushed me of the hook but got into trouble! I tried to help him but before I could save him their general slashed the sword on our king!

The Beginning

After 27 years we finally got freedom from the brits! But the people in town took it tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo seriously and started to hit stones at me  break my house and this is my second house.I live in a small brick hut that I made using my own hands,they throw paintballs at my house and they throw stone at me and my house!

Years pasted but no one changed their ways,when one day the outside my hut a group of strange men came,they put up there flag up(they had came from North Korea) and announced to everyone,they want to declare a war between us and North Korea! But there was a huge problem,we still don’t have an army ready yet or a king.So I knew this was my chance to win my respect back or earn even more,I could be our new king.I knew what I had to do I wasted no time and I rushed to find myself an army.I put out posters every where but for my surprise no one came,Until it hits my head,”why would anyone want to join my army!” when suddenly I hear a little knock on the door,”why would   any body want to meet me, the loser who got our king killed” as I opened the door in came my fellow army partners from earlier when he was in the army,then what else could he ask more,they jumped into action. They trained and trained for a hole month until they spotted the North Koreans marching towards our warbase.We sent half of our army down followed by the archers.As we took our spots,I had to give an opening speech and then we brawled.

The fight looked like it will go on for ages until one of our greatest archer shot an arrow directly swiping their kings arm away! I knew this was the right time. I dashed towards the king as fast as I can slaying anything that came in between,I jumped as high as possible and hoped of their king’s head exactly like the Brits slayed our king’s! I pulled his lung out from his body!

I became the hero in people’s eyes,people started to respect me again and made me their new king,”I could have never imagined that a gladiator can be a king someday!” now I live in the Jade Palace, it is as beautiful as nature,”if you are a unicorn I give you an free invite to come to the Jade Palace and see me”

Hey I am Adi Agarwal,nice to meet you!


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