Twice Upon A Time!


Late in night at around 4:00 AM I heard a terrible shatter of utensils. I got off bed and tip toed to the toilet to smash water in my eyes so I could look into this matter. I continued to talk to myself when the noise struck again. I sneaked up to the kitchen from where I had heard the sound. I peeked into the kitchen  and I saw the lights open though I always close them at night before going to bed. The last thing I want was a bugler as I was home alone. A wave of sound struck my ears. I walk in slowly, I was already starting to regret this idea. I marched past my helper’s room when something caught my eye. It was an enormous person eating leftovers. He looked like a giant wearing a jacket made from the fur of a bear. He slowly got up and poked my head with his chicken leg, I was so terrified that I didn’t care it was my chicken leg that the burger was eating, I just wanted to be alive. I ran and hid in my mom’s room’s cupboard and tried to think of a plan. It was getting hot in there and I wasn’t sure that I should call the police. What if like in Home Alone 3 (a hollywood movie) before the police comes, the thief quickly gets what he needs and escapes.

I thought for while then I came up with an idea to trap the thief and then call the police. So I dashed in my room, locked myself in and put a camera on top of my racing car, I tied a long strap of ribbon on the back of the car. I opened the door and powered the car’s engine. It ran across the thief’s legs. The thief ran to get the camera so that it won’t get him busted but I have to admit he was a pretty stupid guy after all. As he was chasing it, it went on the wall and the thief tried to climb the wall and the parts of cement fell down at him. Then the car did it’s job perfectly by tangling him.

The Police Arrived just in time and it turns out they were strolling just near my block when they heard a crashing noise to but it took them time to get in the uniform as it was super tight. I got a medal for bravery and cleverness. The best part is I did it without my parents and that reminds me they were the happiest of them all when they heard it on the news. Thats right the next day I came on the news, who knows whats gonna happen tomorrow night when you are in bed!

The End!


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