Summer vs Winter

Many of friends like winters. I got into a debate my friends on which is a better weather… summer or winter. I prefer summer over winter as there are so many interesting things to do and eat. Best thing about summers is the large variety of food like the cold drink, ice cream, juicy mangoes, juices that are available.

In summers, the days are long so we can play outdoor games like cricket and football and we can be outside till late and still it is not dark. I am an outdoor person and like to be in the park but during winters it is so cold outside that it gives me shivers.

In summers, we can go out for swim and play in water. I like to swim often and in the month of June and July, I like to go to water park and slide down in cold water pool. Summers are normally fun but sometimes it gets uncomfortable as well. I remember once during July it was so that hot that the pool did not have any water and the water park had to be closed down. The weather person on television informed us that it was the hottest July ever. It was so hot that I was going to the fridge again and again to take out the ice and swallow it.

Another advantage of winter is that we do not have to wear heavy clothes. My body feels free when I am not wearing multiple layers of clothes. I can jump around without having to carry the heavy clothes on me. In fact, summers are so good that I wish that it never gets over


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