A friend in need is a friend indeed

Once there lived two friends in the city of Ramnagar in India, Mihir and Akash. Mihir was very rich while Akash was extremely poor, even then they were very good friends and liked to spend all the time together. Mihir lived in a huge mansion and Akash lived in a small hut in a slum area. Other friends of Mihir used to make fun of Mihir for having a friend like Akash. Akash did not have toys like other boys and most of the time he was helping his father in his work. Even Mihir’s parents thought that Akash would have a bad influence on Mihir.

Ramnagar is very close to the Jim Corbett tiger reserve. Being so close to the forest, there is always a chance of wild animals straying in the town. One day, Mihir, Askash and their friends were playing in a field in a remote corner of Ramnagar. They were having good fun together. Suddenly, a huge tiger jumped out of the bushes and attacked Mihir. All the friends ran away but Akash stood right there. Akash wanted to help his friend so he started thinking of an idea to save him. However, he could not think of a good idea so he started running in the opposite direction to distract the tiger. The tiger started running behind him leaving Mihir behind. After some time when Akash got tired, he quickly climbed up a tree. Tiger did not know how to climb the tree so it sat down near the tree and started waiting for Akash to come down. In the meantime, Mihir ran to the nearby village to get help for Akash. Many people came along with Mihir carrying fire torches to scare away the tiger. Hearing  a lot of noise and seeing the people carry torches, the tiger ran away and life of both Mihir and Akash was saved.

Friends and parents of Mihir felt very bad on how they had treated Akash in the past. They realized the fact that a friend in need is a friend indeed!


Attulem Ani Bittulem : A Folk Tale from Goa

There once lived two sisters called Attulem and Bittulem. They lived in a house close to the jungle and were orphans. They were very kind and sweet. Everyone loved them and brought gifts of fruit and vegetables for them.

Vag Mam, the tiger, was very jealous of the girls as everyone got gifts for them and nothing for him. One day, while passing, he sniffed the air. He said, “Someone is making sannas, my favorite dish. I must have some”.

Seeing the tiger, the girls for frightened and ran to hide themselves. There were two large jars in the house. Bittlulem jumped in one jar while Attulem in the other.

Vag Mam entered the house and ate all the sannas. Then he saw the jars and thought they these wonderful jars can be used to pickle his meat and hence decided to take one of the jars with himself. He picked up the jar in which Attulem was there and put it on his back. Bittulem did not want to be separated from her sister and she also jumped into the jar.

“Gosh!” said the tiger. “This jar has suddenly become twice its weight. I hope I will be able to reach my den safely.”

“I want to sneeze,” said Attulem. “Sh-sh… please don’t. The tiger will hear your and eat us up,” said Bittulem. After some time, Bittulem said, “I’m dying to sneeze.” Attulem said, “Please don’t. The tiger will hear you.”

“What ! is this a talking jar?”, thought the tiger and put down the jar to have a look inside. As soon as he looked inside, Attulem sneezed and the jar broke into many pieces. Some of the pieces went inside Vag Mam’s eyes and he turned completely blind.

Hearing the roar of the tiger, the villagers gathered with sticks and started beating the tiger. Vag Mam got scared and ran towards the forest promising to himself that he would never trouble the girls again.


Summer vs Winter

Many of friends like winters. I got into a debate my friends on which is a better weather… summer or winter. I prefer summer over winter as there are so many interesting things to do and eat. Best thing about summers is the large variety of food like the cold drink, ice cream, juicy mangoes, juices that are available.

In summers, the days are long so we can play outdoor games like cricket and football and we can be outside till late and still it is not dark. I am an outdoor person and like to be in the park but during winters it is so cold outside that it gives me shivers.

In summers, we can go out for swim and play in water. I like to swim often and in the month of June and July, I like to go to water park and slide down in cold water pool. Summers are normally fun but sometimes it gets uncomfortable as well. I remember once during July it was so that hot that the pool did not have any water and the water park had to be closed down. The weather person on television informed us that it was the hottest July ever. It was so hot that I was going to the fridge again and again to take out the ice and swallow it.

Another advantage of winter is that we do not have to wear heavy clothes. My body feels free when I am not wearing multiple layers of clothes. I can jump around without having to carry the heavy clothes on me. In fact, summers are so good that I wish that it never gets over


The Three Thieves



A thousand years ago, there lived Ram. He was a thief. He had two brothers names Rakesh and Mohan. They were also thieves. One day they thought to do a grand theft. They made a plan to steal all the gold and jewels from the Royal Palace. They packed their bags to prepare to leave for the robbery. Mohan asked others “Should I keep rope as well?”. Rakesh answered “Don’t you know how to climb? We don’t need any rope”. But Mohan kept the rope in any case.

Royal Palace was very far off. They took five hours on their horses to reach the Palace. It was almost midnight. They now had to climb the walls of the palace to get inside. But there was a problem, the walls were very smooth and they could not climb the walls and kept slipping down. And then, Mohan took out the rope that he had kept, with the help of which all of them climbed the wall easily and quietly sneaked into the palace.

They had already knew where the treasure was kept inside the palace. They quickly reached there but there were ten guards guarding that room. Then, Ram took out the sleeping medicine spray and sprayed it on the faces of the guards. All of them went into a deep sleep immediately.

The three brothers quickly gathered all the gold and jewels and quietly sneaked out of the palace with the help of the rope. After reaching outside the walls of the palace, Ram said “Lets distribute the jewels amongst us equally”. But Rakesh and Mohan became greedy and wanted to take all the jewels alone. Both of them started fighting. Hearing the noise, the guards woke up and arrested them.

Had they not become greedy, they would not have been arrested! But it turned out to be better for them. They had learnt their lesson and they decided to become good men after getting free from the jail.


Red 10

Pinky owned a grand circus named “The Grand Cat Show”. She practiced with her members named Jocky, Block, Holkey and Shokey.

One day when Pinky, the cat was walking on her new rope, it started to shake and she came crashing down. She fell and broke her leg. Now, she was not in a position to perform in the big show after two days. So, her members started thinking ‘what to do now’ and then Holkey got an idea!

He went and announced “Which ever cat will be able to perform like Pinky will be chosen as the new member of the circus”. Next morning, there was a huge queue outside their circus. But no one could perform at par with Pinky. They were very sad that Pinky, their best member, had fractured her leg and no one was there to replace her.

Suddenly, a tiny cat came in. The surprising thing was that he was far better than Pinky and his name was ‘Red 10’. He got chosen as their new member. Red 10 was a very interesting character, he liked to eat cheese and only cheese. He used to nibble his food very slowly but was very swift in his movement. Red 10 was extremely good in his stunts and everyone started loving him soon.

On the night of the big show, “The Grand Cat show” circus was house full with all the cats seated on their seats and everyone was waiting eagerly to see Red 10’s stunts. Pinky with her fractured leg also came to watch the show.

Finally, the curtains were lifted and Red 10 appeared. He started showing one stunt after the other and everyone started cheering for him. Now, was the time for Red 10’s most dangerous and most awaited stunt, The great Cannon stunt. Red 10 got into a canon. Shokey fired the cannon, the cannon blasted and along with that blast Red 10 landed straight onto the rope. The blast also caused a strong wind and along with the wind Red 10’s clothes got blown away too. There was complete silence amongst the crowd after that. Then everyone except Pinky started to throw rotten tomatoes and empty coke cans on him as everyone realised that Red 10 was not a cat but a mouse. That’s why Red 10 loves to east cheese, said Jocky. Then Block stepped in and yelled at the crowd and said “Who so ever wants to eat my friend Red 10 will first have to eat my heart”. The crowd became silent immediately and went off. Then Pinky gave an idea of going to the costume shop and buy a cat’s nice costume from there. Everyone liked the idea and agreed. Red 10 got a silver white cat costume with a nice jacket. He just loved it.

Now, Red 10 started to perform again in the circus in this new costume. He even got a new name ‘Silvys’.. He became very famous and started to perform along with Pinky..

That’s the end of my story.. I hope you liked it and will wait for my next story…





Bad Boy

Once there lived a bad boy named Zing. He was Japanese and was very strong. he used to hit everyone and was not scared of anyone. One day his family planned to give him a surprise and decided to go for a Safari to Jim Corbett. There were 1038 tigers in Jim Corbett till a few years ago but in the last few years a few were hunted down by hunters so now only 746 tigers remain (One should never kill animals as they are also a living thing and feel the pain).

They planned to on 16th December which is in peak winters. When the day to leave arrived, Zings’s parents told him about the trip. Zing was delighted with the thought of going to a jungle. They took the flight from Tokyo to Delhi and then bus from Delhi to Jim Corbett. Zing enjoyed the Jet Airways flight very much. They checked into the hotel in the afternoon when they reached Jim Corbett. They kept their suitcases in the room, ate food and then went for the Safari. Zing wanted to see the tiger and Cheetah but all he could see was deer and rabbits. No sign of tiger or cheetah!!! Zing started to get bored. He suddenly remembered that he was carrying a slingshot. He took out the slingshot and started taking aim at the animals. The animals got scared and started to run. Deer were running as if some tiger was chasing them and the rabbits hopped and hid themselves in the bushes. Monkeys jumped from branch to branch to save themselves.

No there was no animal left except for the snakes. Snakes are poisonous so Zing and his parents had to return immediately. All the fun of safari was missed because of Zing. His family got upset with him and scolded him but nothing would change now.

Moral of the story – Bad boys create trouble not only for themselves but also for others. So never be bad and be good instead!!!


The Treasure

Once there lived a trader named Changi who was very rich but was still wanting to have more money. One day, a letter came for him from an unnamed person. He opened the letter but could not understand the content. After some time, he deciphered that it no ordinary letter but was actually a treasure map. He was delighted  and thought that his dreams will now come true.

Changi packed his bag and left for his journey. His destination was one thousand kilometer away. There were electric wires on the way and he could have got a shock if was not careful. He finally reached the icy mountains which he had to climb. The mountains were very slippery but he somehow managed to climb and found himself in the middle of a huge forest. The forest was very big and seemed like a never ending forest. He got very tired but forest did not appear to be getting over. With a lot of effort, he reached the edge of the forest. At the end of the forest, he saw big army barracks. There was a large barrack marked X with red paint which he blew with the help of a bomb. However, due to loud sound of the bomb, the soldiers got alerted and they captured Changi.In the jail, he met a monk who told him of a plan (What do you think is the plan?)

Changi and the monk quietly started digging a tunnel and found a golden box which had a lock on it. They broke the lock with a hammer. Whosh! spung out a joker on a spring with a message. Changi then understood that it was his brother’s prank and explained the same to the monk. The monk got so angry that he beat him up and took him to the soldiers. Changi was captured by the soldiers and was lock in the prison for the rest of his life.

Bye Bye till I write again. Remember, don’t be greedy otherwise you can get into big trouble like Changi