The Jungle Crook

I stared at the amazing dense, green Jungle. My parents always said that the forest is very dangerous even though my dad was a hunter (you know the ones that take a spear and go to the jungle to kill animals). I always wanted to go tag along with my father to his hunting adventures. I don’t understand why do all the grown ups make everything so safe for their children, I tried convincing them to let me go but they won’t let me get out of their sight.

One fine day my dad finally  decided to take me to take a stroll in the forest. “hey pops, see you said danger awaits for us, I don’t see any-:” suddenly a ferocious tiger jumped and slew my dad for good, I ran and ran until I saw the tiger way behind me. I hid behind a tree and waited to see if the tiger would come back looking for me.

The next day when I woke up I saw myself in a bear cave. Suddenly a bear face appeared in front of me.

Eventually we became best buds. But one day I saw a  person with a firelight running up the hill running to save his live from the tuna cobra. Bhalu, the bear jumped and snapped the creature away. I tried asking the man but he was too afraid of Bhalu. Finally I got him to talk. He said-“Th-the tig-tiger is co-com-coming!” Bhalu used his shell to call the other animals, before we could blow it, the tiger snapped it of Bhalu’s hand and scratched Bhalu on the face. Bhalu fell unconscious and I was the only one in the enitire area so neither could I get some help. I ran for my live in thickest part of the jungle. Papa had warned me about this, there were all sorts of ferocious and crazy animals living there. I couldn’t survive a second there.

Suddenly I thought something pulled my leg and whooooo-I can’t anymore because I am too busy  dying, (ADIOS-WHOOPS I RAN OUT OF CHAUK)


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