Current Affairs

War in Syria

There is a nation in Middle East called Syria where a big war is going on since 2011. Syria is a war zone, the fight started because people of the country didn’t like the President, Assad. Now, there are 3 sides fighting against each other – Assad’s army, rebels, ISIS. The entire world is worried about it due to a large number of people getting killed or running away as refugees.It is a international matter.

The Government of Assad is very nasty and are bombing their own people. The cities have ruined due to bombings. Not even a single building has survived the bombs. Due to bombings people across globe are worried. There are a lot of refugees shifting to different countries but, the government in those countries are kicking out refugees and they have forbidden them to enter their country.

The bombing had injured a lot of people aka there weren’t lot of hospitals. To help the injured, the aid agencies distribute medicines and food. The army and the rebels are both importing arms from other countries.They have nothing to export to other countries.They have no choice but to trade material to survive.

When will this war end!


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