The Three Thieves



A thousand years ago, there lived Ram. He was a thief. He had two brothers names Rakesh and Mohan. They were also thieves. One day they thought to do a grand theft. They made a plan to steal all the gold and jewels from the Royal Palace. They packed their bags to prepare to leave for the robbery. Mohan asked others “Should I keep rope as well?”. Rakesh answered “Don’t you know how to climb? We don’t need any rope”. But Mohan kept the rope in any case.

Royal Palace was very far off. They took five hours on their horses to reach the Palace. It was almost midnight. They now had to climb the walls of the palace to get inside. But there was a problem, the walls were very smooth and they could not climb the walls and kept slipping down. And then, Mohan took out the rope that he had kept, with the help of which all of them climbed the wall easily and quietly sneaked into the palace.

They had already knew where the treasure was kept inside the palace. They quickly reached there but there were ten guards guarding that room. Then, Ram took out the sleeping medicine spray and sprayed it on the faces of the guards. All of them went into a deep sleep immediately.

The three brothers quickly gathered all the gold and jewels and quietly sneaked out of the palace with the help of the rope. After reaching outside the walls of the palace, Ram said “Lets distribute the jewels amongst us equally”. But Rakesh and Mohan became greedy and wanted to take all the jewels alone. Both of them started fighting. Hearing the noise, the guards woke up and arrested them.

Had they not become greedy, they would not have been arrested! But it turned out to be better for them. They had learnt their lesson and they decided to become good men after getting free from the jail.


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