Red 10

Pinky owned a grand circus named “The Grand Cat Show”. She practiced with her members named Jocky, Block, Holkey and Shokey.

One day when Pinky, the cat was walking on her new rope, it started to shake and she came crashing down. She fell and broke her leg. Now, she was not in a position to perform in the big show after two days. So, her members started thinking ‘what to do now’ and then Holkey got an idea!

He went and announced “Which ever cat will be able to perform like Pinky will be chosen as the new member of the circus”. Next morning, there was a huge queue outside their circus. But no one could perform at par with Pinky. They were very sad that Pinky, their best member, had fractured her leg and no one was there to replace her.

Suddenly, a tiny cat came in. The surprising thing was that he was far better than Pinky and his name was ‘Red 10’. He got chosen as their new member. Red 10 was a very interesting character, he liked to eat cheese and only cheese. He used to nibble his food very slowly but was very swift in his movement. Red 10 was extremely good in his stunts and everyone started loving him soon.

On the night of the big show, “The Grand Cat show” circus was house full with all the cats seated on their seats and everyone was waiting eagerly to see Red 10’s stunts. Pinky with her fractured leg also came to watch the show.

Finally, the curtains were lifted and Red 10 appeared. He started showing one stunt after the other and everyone started cheering for him. Now, was the time for Red 10’s most dangerous and most awaited stunt, The great Cannon stunt. Red 10 got into a canon. Shokey fired the cannon, the cannon blasted and along with that blast Red 10 landed straight onto the rope. The blast also caused a strong wind and along with the wind Red 10’s clothes got blown away too. There was complete silence amongst the crowd after that. Then everyone except Pinky started to throw rotten tomatoes and empty coke cans on him as everyone realised that Red 10 was not a cat but a mouse. That’s why Red 10 loves to east cheese, said Jocky. Then Block stepped in and yelled at the crowd and said “Who so ever wants to eat my friend Red 10 will first have to eat my heart”. The crowd became silent immediately and went off. Then Pinky gave an idea of going to the costume shop and buy a cat’s nice costume from there. Everyone liked the idea and agreed. Red 10 got a silver white cat costume with a nice jacket. He just loved it.

Now, Red 10 started to perform again in the circus in this new costume. He even got a new name ‘Silvys’.. He became very famous and started to perform along with Pinky..

That’s the end of my story.. I hope you liked it and will wait for my next story…





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