Bad Boy

Once there lived a bad boy named Zing. He was Japanese and was very strong. he used to hit everyone and was not scared of anyone. One day his family planned to give him a surprise and decided to go for a Safari to Jim Corbett. There were 1038 tigers in Jim Corbett till a few years ago but in the last few years a few were hunted down by hunters so now only 746 tigers remain (One should never kill animals as they are also a living thing and feel the pain).

They planned to on 16th December which is in peak winters. When the day to leave arrived, Zings’s parents told him about the trip. Zing was delighted with the thought of going to a jungle. They took the flight from Tokyo to Delhi and then bus from Delhi to Jim Corbett. Zing enjoyed the Jet Airways flight very much. They checked into the hotel in the afternoon when they reached Jim Corbett. They kept their suitcases in the room, ate food and then went for the Safari. Zing wanted to see the tiger and Cheetah but all he could see was deer and rabbits. No sign of tiger or cheetah!!! Zing started to get bored. He suddenly remembered that he was carrying a slingshot. He took out the slingshot and started taking aim at the animals. The animals got scared and started to run. Deer were running as if some tiger was chasing them and the rabbits hopped and hid themselves in the bushes. Monkeys jumped from branch to branch to save themselves.

No there was no animal left except for the snakes. Snakes are poisonous so Zing and his parents had to return immediately. All the fun of safari was missed because of Zing. His family got upset with him and scolded him but nothing would change now.

Moral of the story – Bad boys create trouble not only for themselves but also for others. So never be bad and be good instead!!!


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