The Treasure

Once there lived a trader named Changi who was very rich but was still wanting to have more money. One day, a letter came for him from an unnamed person. He opened the letter but could not understand the content. After some time, he deciphered that it no ordinary letter but was actually a treasure map. He was delighted  and thought that his dreams will now come true.

Changi packed his bag and left for his journey. His destination was one thousand kilometer away. There were electric wires on the way and he could have got a shock if was not careful. He finally reached the icy mountains which he had to climb. The mountains were very slippery but he somehow managed to climb and found himself in the middle of a huge forest. The forest was very big and seemed like a never ending forest. He got very tired but forest did not appear to be getting over. With a lot of effort, he reached the edge of the forest. At the end of the forest, he saw big army barracks. There was a large barrack marked X with red paint which he blew with the help of a bomb. However, due to loud sound of the bomb, the soldiers got alerted and they captured Changi.In the jail, he met a monk who told him of a plan (What do you think is the plan?)

Changi and the monk quietly started digging a tunnel and found a golden box which had a lock on it. They broke the lock with a hammer. Whosh! spung out a joker on a spring with a message. Changi then understood that it was his brother’s prank and explained the same to the monk. The monk got so angry that he beat him up and took him to the soldiers. Changi was captured by the soldiers and was lock in the prison for the rest of his life.

Bye Bye till I write again. Remember, don’t be greedy otherwise you can get into big trouble like Changi


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