The Spider and the Scorpion

Once there lived a spider and a scorpion in a big play ground. The scorpion would play all the time with all his friends. But the spider would keep on doing work all the time. One day when scorpion and his friends were playing, suddenly thunder, lightening and rain began to happen. Scorpion and all his friends began to run with all their energies. One of the scorpion’s friends fell from down after hitting a stone. The spider saved him and then said to him, “Now go inside your house”. Scorpion and his friend ran inside their houses. When thunder, lightening and rain stopped, scorpion thanked spider for saving his friend’s life.

Spider asked the scorpion to promise to work hard and do all his work on his own. Scorpion was very grateful to spider and hence said, “I promise you, I will work all my life and be happy forever”.


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