The Magical Hat

Once there lived a dwarf named Little Master. He was very handsome but everyone used to make fun of him and that’s why they used to call him Little Master. He used to go to a school called “Heritage”. Once when he was returning from school, something fell on his head. It was a hat! There was a fan on top of the hat.

Little Master got very happy to get the hat and immediately wore it. And Oh My God, as soon as he wore it he started flying. He could not believe it and started dancing in the air with joy. He quickly flew back home and told everything to his mummy papa. They were also amazed.

Now, he started to fly  all the time rather than walk. One day, when he was flying to the school, he saw two thieves who were trying to steal a car. He immediately flew down to the security guard and got the thieves caught. Like this, he started helping police catch all the criminals. He soon became famous and people started to call him Hatman just like Spiderman or Superman.

Once, Hatman saw a man unable to walk as he had only one leg. The kids around him were making fun of the man instead of helping him. Hatman got very angry and scolded the kids and when one of the kid tried to argue with him, he hit the kid on his head. The kid started to bleed and Hatman got scared. Hatman never wanted to hurt the kid. So, Hatman decided to take the kid to the hospital. The kid became better after a few days but Hatman kept feeling bad. Hatman decided to always keep his temper under control. He soon became very popular among kids and even the kids decided not to make fun of anyone after they realized their mistake.

Long live Hatman…. Keep reading!!!


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