Fall from Grace

Once there lived the king of the jungle lion named Sheru. He was huge. He was very kind and everyone liked him. One day when he went for hunting. He saw a huge elephant throwing the banana peels on the sand near to the river. He warned him to never ever throw the banana peels on the ground (Do you think he would listen? No).

One day when the elephant came to the same river to drink water, he fell down as he steped on the banana peels that he had thrown earlier. He crashed badly on the ground banging his head. He went to the river and drank some water. He was in deep pain and shouted due to pain…aaaahhhhhh. He went straight to the lion and said, “King of the Jungle, forgive me. I realized my mistake as I fell down badly by stepping on the banana peel”. The lion said, “I told you so. Who digs a pit for somebody else, falls in the same pit himself”.

The elephant said, “Its no time to make pits!!! Give me medicine please”. Lion applied ointment on the elephant while the elephant vowed never to throw the banana peel on the road again.

Bye bye till the next story comes… the wait will not be too long.


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