The Greedy King

Once there lived a very greedy King. He wanted gold, lots and lots of gold. One day when he went for hunting he saw a golden deer. He followed the deer on his horse. The deer became angry and hit his horn on the King’s head. THe King ran away.

At the royal palace he thought and finally he got an idea (can you guess it?). He went with a net to the forest to the forest. He climbed a tree but fell asleep waiting for the deer. A tiger came from somewhere and got trapped in the net. Next morning then the King saw a tiger trapped in the net, he ran away to the royal palace as he got a fright. He then got another fantastic idea (can you guess that too?).

He bought a bottle of poison with him. He poured the poison in the river. When the deer came to drink water, he died. The King brought the deer to the royal place. When he kept it on the table, he could not see anything and he became blind. Suddenly, Goddess Lakshmi came out of deer and said “You have been so greedy that you could not see anything except gold. You don’t care for your wife and son and thats why you will be blind”.

King got the operation of his eye done but when he came back home, he got so scared of Goddess Lakshmi that he became a noble person who was not at all greedy and lived happilly ever after with his family.

(Did you get the learning?)
Bye bye and Tata till my next story

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