The Lamborghini

There once lived an automatic lamborghini. He was the fastest car in the world and used to win all the races. Soon, it started to become famous… very famous. It slowly became proud of himself and so proud that he started thinlking that he is the best and no one is better than him. So, God decided to teach him a lesson (Can you guess what??)

The next morning when he got up, he got ready foir his very big car race. All the time, blabbering the same thing (of course you would know it). Yes, he was blabbering that he is the best and the coolest car in the world.

When he reached the race course, people started to cheer for him. But when the race started…do you know what happened?. His wheels got stuck on the ground and he could not move while everyone else started taking rounds of the race course.

He lost the race!! And Ferrari won the race. Now, no one cheered for him and everyone started to cheer for Ferrari.

He went back home sad –very sad.

Did you get the learning? I know you have understood! ‘You should never think or say that you are the best’.


Bye Bye till the time my next story comes….


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