The Fat King Who Learnt to Dance

Thousands of years ago, there lived a very fat King. He had many problems in his life. He could not fit in the toilet seat, whenever he sat or lie on the bed, the bed would break. However, he liked to dance and so he went to a dance academy named Tanz. They tried very hard to make him dance but he would just roll and fall over. Dancing was a problem so they asked him to reduce his weight which was around 150 Kgs. The dance academy told him to diet. The King agreed as he did not have any other solution. He went to a famous dietitian, Tripti. She asked him to eat only fruits and no junk food. He could not live without junk food but now he had to. He had to exercise in the gym from 6 in the morning to 12 in the afternoon.

One day he took his slimming medicine and went to sleep. The next day when he got up, he was surprised to see that he had become slim like his slim ministers. He was glad that all his problems were solved. He went to the dietitian and said a big thanks to her. Then he went to the dance academy, Tanz and he mastered dance. He also thanked the Tanz’s principal who was also fat and came back home. Then he thought of now just being a dancer and no longer a King. Then he did the same, and he became a dancer. Akbar took over from the King and went on to become a very famous King.

Oh, I totally forgot to tell you the name of the fat King, Michael Jackson


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