Word Problem

Gardening Word Problem

Once lived Vijaya and Viraj. They were cousins and they met after a long time. They both loved gardening. They went to the market to buy different types of plants. In the market, a hot selling deal was there – The deal was 7,938 different types of flowers were for Rs 10,000 only. Earlier, they were for Rs 28,000 more, i.e. for Rs 38,000. They took the deal and then the delivery costed them Rs 578. At the end they were left with Rs 386. Tell us how much money they had when they went to the market? They earlier had Rs 10,964 and now they only have Rs 386

If they had not taken the delivery then this what they had done. Their family was very happy that they used their pocket money which they had saved themselves. The parents said no need to call the trucks because we can lift the boxes ourselves. “Surely, thats a great idea” said, the kids. Then the family members helped them picking up the boxes and planting the plants And this is how they planted in the garden.

Test Family


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